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Lulu is back from training in China, and Linda has joined our team! You can now choose who to see when scheduling an appointment.

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Chiropractic services now available Mon, Wed & Friday afternoons with Dr. Ellen Farmer

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11 School Street

We are located in a building constructed in 1878.  It served as the town library generations ago.  Every room was rehabilitated from floor to ceiling during the past year to make the facility more comfortable for you.  Yes, some floors remain a bit out of level due to nearly 150 years of settling but that is part of New England charm!

We are a short walk from your car to the door which is in sharp contrast to office buildings and other large complexes.

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Headache Pain Therapy


Far East Traditional Healing & Bodywork is a dream that is now my reality!  For many years in China I studied and practiced the ancient art of helping the body be in harmony with its surroundings.  I continued my MBLEx studies after arriving in America in 2015 with the dream of one day opening my shop. 

There is a clear difference between the western way and the Far East way of helping the body to heal.  One simple example is the meridian structure in our bodies.  Meridians are a non-physical pathway for energy and other components.  Most every kid in Asia understands the basics of our meridians and those who become expert make it a lifetime study.   Compare the meridians  to a highway system.  Imagine an accident causing a 5 mile backup.  You don't know where the accident is but your car is not moving.  Similarly, you can have a pain in your shoulder but it may take some work in your calf and forearm to help.   If you ever had accupuncture, you will understand this. 


I have a deep belief in these old and proven methods and it became obvious that few people in America can provide service that is part of my culture.  My service stands out because Far East practitioners are hard to find in America.  We also stand out because the customer is treated as #1.  At Far East you get 60 minutes, not 55 as most shops provide.  I want your repeat business and referrals so if I have free time, it's not unusual to give you extra minutes of service or some free Moxibustion treatment and other perks.  I can't fix a lifetime of pain in one session but I can do my best to help you feel better at that moment and improve how you feel from there.  If you never had DDS then you are missing the best of the best.   Read about it under "Services".  I encourage you to call now and make an appointment.  


We are convenient to Rt. I-91 and Rt. 20 travelers as well as Bradley International Airport.  Call when you board the plane for your trip home and make an appointment for after you pick up your car.  We are about 5 minutes from the terminal and nearby hotels.

Hit the More Info button under Services to learn more.

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During my first massage with Lulu, she identified several of my trouble spots without my having to point them out. She clearly has the training necessary for her practice and she really knows what she is doing. I have now received several treatments from her and she has made me feel so much better. She is a true healer

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